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    Babycastles.com redesign is up!

    Babycastles.com redesign is up!

  2. Spreading Love & Peace Through Games

    Back in November of 2012, Keita Takahashi gave a talk at the Games For Change Festival in Australia. In it, he reprised a 2006 talk he gave at GDC, and talked about a vision for the future with a rebirth of the arcade through installation games.

    It’s a bit of work that will require opening multiple browser tabs, but I recommend taking in the half-hour talk by listening to the audio while reading the text of the talk combined with the content of its slides.

    text & slides: http://venuspatrol.com/2012/11/venus-patrol-presents-spreading-love-peace-through-games-with-keita-takahashi/

  3. Prototyping violent games with Keita Takahashi.

    Prototyping violent games with Keita Takahashi.

  4. The arcade exhibition we built with Keita Takahashi:

    A compilation video showing several talks and panels, along with attendee interviews:

  5. I got to help organize another game jam over the last weekend. This time it was with the Game Research Group at Eyebeam Art & Technology Center on the west side of Manhattan.

    The games are posted up on the jam’s site (scroll down a little). We had 8 from jam teams in NYC and another game from a special satellite team in Mexico. There’s some really fun stuff on there, so you should check it out before some of the links are inevitably lost to the churn of the net. Each team was assigned a JCVD movie at random and told to run with it.

    Given the reputation of movie-based videogames as unimaginative cash-ins, it was really exciting to see people go as far as they did: dating sims, novel physical interfaces, and pseudo-larp weirdness.

    I think I’d like to try a jam where all the teams are working from the same movie. Maybe we all go to a film on opening night, and then jam all weekend. Imagine: Dark Knight Rises Jam. Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Jam. The Descendents Jam.

  6. Babycastles & GAMEiFESTO present What’s In A Game?

  7. The PixelTron 150 is a 15x10 pixel screen that takes an arbitrary video feed and down-rezzes it.

    I’m developing a videogame for it, which you can play at the PixelTron’s public debut at the Northern Spark lighting festival in Minneapolis! Everything starts at sundown on June 9th and lasts until sunrise on June 10th.

  8. Kunal Gupta of Babycastles at IT University of Copenhagen