1. Quick Reaction to David Cage’s Controvercial Prescriptions

    1. Make games for all: Time to invent interactive experiences for adults.

    This is already happening.

    2. Change our paradigms to something other than endless violence.

    This is already happening.

    3. We should make games that “say something.”

    This is already happening.

    4. “Become accessible: Let’s focus on minds, not on thumbs!”

    This is already happening.

    5. Bring other talents on board.

    Yes. Game developers need to learn how to collaborate with other creative people.

    6. Establish new relationships with Hollywood.

    Qualified yes. This is a specific example of number 5, but should not imply that successful Hollywood creatives are necessarily the only, nor the best source for these collaborators. That said, I can’t expect anyone but myself to create the sort of collaborations I would most like to see; that’s my job.

    7. Censorship: the marketplace’s gatekeepers are too conservative.

    This is basically only a problem for big commercial games, and it seems likely that changing attitudes about this will have to come from a surprise hit bubbling up from the weird fringes. Think “Freaky Minecraft.” The conditions for this happening already exist.

    8. Criticism: more analysis, less numerical scoring.

    This is already happening.

    9. Gamers need to vote with their dollars.

    Capitalism predates the videogame industry. This has never not been happening.