1. Spreading Love & Peace Through Games

    Back in November of 2012, Keita Takahashi gave a talk at the Games For Change Festival in Australia. In it, he reprised a 2006 talk he gave at GDC, and talked about a vision for the future with a rebirth of the arcade through installation games.

    It’s a bit of work that will require opening multiple browser tabs, but I recommend taking in the half-hour talk by listening to the audio while reading the text of the talk combined with the content of its slides.

    text & slides: http://venuspatrol.com/2012/11/venus-patrol-presents-spreading-love-peace-through-games-with-keita-takahashi/

  2. Prototyping violent games with Keita Takahashi.

    Prototyping violent games with Keita Takahashi.

  3. The arcade exhibition we built with Keita Takahashi:

    A compilation video showing several talks and panels, along with attendee interviews: