1. Somehow, despite having never used C# or the Play Station Mobile SDK before the start of the IndieCade East gamejam, I managed to help my teammates get our game, Crystallon, into the semi-finals, the results of which will be revealed at GDC at the end of March.

    Now I have 4 weeks to add a bunch of features, fix all the crash bugs, AND OH YEAH, MAKE THE WHOLE THING RUN ON THE PSVITA.

    If I manage to split my time between coding and crying in the shower, I might just pull this off. Wish me luck.


    Phoenix Perry, Ben Johnson, and Margaret Schedel are hard at work on their entry for the Playstation Mobile Game Jam here at IndieCade East. In line with the “evolution” theme of the jam, Crystallon is a match-three puzzle game about exponentially increasing geometry.

    I know what you’re thinking; “Crystallon? Isn’t that the greek word for “cold drop” which is also the way atoms are arranged into solids?”

    Yes. Yes it is.

    And the atoms of this group have arranged into a solid team. Professionals, and professors; Ben is an ex-AAA gone indie dev/designer and fellow core member of Babycastles, Margaret is a composer and cellist who teaches at Stony Brook University, and Phoenix is an experimental game designer who teaches at NYU Poly, ITP, and Steinhardt.

    -Colin Snyder, Gameifesto